Monday, September 9, 2013

VA Program Guide PG-18-3
Date: September 2013
Topic 18
Transportation and Logistics Delivery
(Feasibility Study Requirements for Automated Delivery Systems)

This Program Guide provides guidance for the study, selection, and design of transportation and logistics systems in support of the design and construction of VA facilities and provides guidance for the completion of the feasibility study that will identify transportation options for VA to select in the design of projects. The Program Guide establishes requirements for the qualifications of the Medical Transport and Logistics Consultant and for systems including, but not limited to, elevators,escalators, dumbwaiters, materials delivery equipment (automatic guided vehicles [AGVs] and Autonomous Mobile Robots [AMRs], pedestrain traffic, service cart systems, pneumatic tube systems [PTS], gravity and pneumatic chute return systems for linen and trash, and Sterile Supply Distribution Systems for Veterans Affairs (VA) Facilities. This guide supplements PG-18-1 Master Construction Specifications-Division 14 Conveying Equipment and PG-18-10 Design Manual-Automatic Transport as found on CRM's technical information library at: The Program Guide is not intended to cover all aspects of transportation analysis or design, but rather to serve as a guide for planners, designers, and Medical Transport and Logistics Consultants (MTLConsultants).


Friday, September 6, 2013

Joel Allison, President/CEO Baylor Health Care

Joel Allison, Baylor Health Care

On the September episode of KERA’s CEO, host Lee Cullum talks with Joel Allison, President and CEO of Baylor Health Care System, about merging with Scott & White Healthcare. Allison also discusses how Baylor is preparing for sweeping changes driven by the Affordable Care Act.

Joel T. Allison is president and CEO of Baylor Health Care System, a faith-based supporting organization headquartered in Dallas providing services to a network of acute care hospitals and related health care entities that provide patient care, medical education, research and community service. His primary responsibility is to help Baylor attain its vision “to be trusted as the best place to give and receive safe, compassionate, quality health care.”

Mr. Allison’s career includes more than three decades in health care management. He joined Baylor Health Care System in 1993 and served as Baylor’s senior executive vice president and chief operating officer before being promoted to president and CEO in 2000. Mr. Allison has received numerous recognitions during his career for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the health care field.

Joel Allison, President and CEO
Baylor Health Care System
Premieres Friday, September 6 at 7:30pm