Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What makes RemTecH Associates LLC Different?

  • A passion for the project – passion must include vision, enthusiasm, drive, determination, creativity, and innovative ideas. But passion must also grasp the big picture without becoming enmeshed in or preoccupied with unnecessary details that can hinder progress and prove unimportant to the success of the overall task assigned.
  • An ability to motivate others – placing the team ahead of personal goals or glory is an overriding principle to the success of RemTecH. Through basic leadership principles which have been instilled within our core values, we inspire to do what is right for the overall team assembled, quickly affirming their contribution and placing credit where credit is due.
  • A resilience and patience when encountering opposition – every project will have opposition – opposition to change, opposition for making the right decision in a timely fashion to secure future growth. Any decision must be offered with patience, thus controlling emotional outbursts that could damage forward progress of the project. Stern corrective actions are appropriate and healthy, but must be presented with a foundation that is based on a true analysis that supports a positive conclusion.
  • A practical and balanced grip on reality – although dreams, desires, and goals are needed to instill true growth, facts must be based on reality, offering a bottom-line cost and an appropriate ROI to allow decisions to be made. Good leadership must maintain a balance between being positive but still being aware of the negative items that might disrupt true sustainability.
  • A willingness to work hard – there is a difference between applying due-diligence and being a workaholic. Practical work hours, fairness in efforts to get the job done, and the duty to meet deadlines are key to client approval. We approach practical methods for controlling time to ensure each project completes on schedule. We do what is necessary to ensure progress with the willingness to go the extra mile to complete every assignment.  

RemTecH Associates LLC is not just another consulting organization.
We place our Client First – delivering solutions that are based on a team effort,
giving all the glory to Him who leads us to a final solution.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Mr. Frank E. Whitson
Architect - HDR (retired)
Houston, TX 77077

To Whom It May Concern


I write in support of John Hensman, President/CEO of RemTecH Associates LLC.

Before I recently retired from HDR Architecture, John and I collaborated in joint marketing efforts for projects at The Methodist Hospital, Houston and University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston.  Of the array of consultants, which I interviewed and with whom I collaborated, I found John to be most responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced in Materials Management Systems for Healthcare projects. RemTecH Associates will effectively collaborate with your firm from marketing through systems installation. 

Finally, RemTecH contributes a commendable culture to your professional team. If you have questions, please contact me.

Frank E. Whitson



Sunday, July 7, 2013


With numerous changes in technology over the past century, one must wonder what the future will look like in operational warehousing. Many Health Care facilities have now accepted the concept of warehousing as a means of reducing annual costs through large inventory purchasing levels.

But to launch a successful warehouse facility today, there must be some forethought as to what critical demands will be placed on that facility in the future and whether current design will meet those demands. Sustainability requires a realistic view that is driven by square footage cost – too much space initially represents extra cost, too little space represents costly future modifications and production downtime. Not developing and acquiring the right automation based on functional requirements increases FTEs in annual operations.

Building it right the first time must be the key to a successful venture. One thing is certain: as technology expands future software, equipment, and means of controlling inventory accurately will be developed. We need to design for the future, allowing for growth.

There are many overarching themes that are pushing for more automation within your facility’s four-walls. Some relate to the changing labor force, yet others to consumer demands for shopping today and receiving tomorrow (e-commerce). If you add in other arenas that use the warehouse storage concept (industrial / commercial / health care marketplace), each facility has its own unique demands in receiving, storage, processing, and distribution that makes the warehouse unique. Many leading warehouse automation solutions providers only look to sell equipment as outlined in the bid. They do not look at functionality or potential future growth. Their method allows them to sell more equipment to the client later, thus guaranteeing future sales.

RemTecH Associates LLC, in conjunction with individual end-user and primary architect, looks at the big picture to determine the initial functional criteria that meet the final design requirements. Labor is an essential component in the warehouse. No matter how automated the operation, there is still a need for the human element. The question is – how much is needed and where do you draw the line when it comes to wages, training, injuries, and reduced productivity. It is a balance that we review to ensure proper design is offered through your architect.


Health Care

The growing cost of health care has raised many questions, including what factors are driving the rise, how to best curb the rate of increase, and whether higher spending has resulted in commensurate delivery of care.

    • Heath expenditures in the United States were near $206 trillion in 2010
    • Health Care spending is set to double within the next 10 years.
    • Current Health Care accounts for 16% of U.S. GDP, the highest among the world’s industrialize nations as 76 million US baby-boomers begin to flood the system
    • Lifestyle diseases will continue to drive stress into the system
The foundational underline to our ability to meet future critical needs in the health care environment rests largely on how people extract and use the full range of materials available to sustain patient care within the health care system.

Managing such materials while in use is commonly defined as Materials Management / Materials Handling. Sustainability, or the ability to maintain the critical levels of inventory to meet the needs of the end-user (the patient), but maintain and not jeopardize the carbon footprint (environmental impact), requires each facility to implement strategic steps that will manage, preserve, and offer a brighter future in Health Care for the next generation.

Management of your inventory operation can constitute up to forty percent of Health Care costs, second only to labor costs. Even small efforts to improve efficiency and reduce waste can significantly impact the organization’s bottom line, not to mention their sustainability.

Allow RemTecH Associates LLC the opportunity to partner with your facility and staff to offer alternatives to meet specific challenges associated with Materials Management and Materials Handling. Change is required; let us help you take that first step.


Friday, July 5, 2013


Innovation and Management Strategies Designed just for You

Everyone knows that market technologies are changing at lightning speed, which means old-fashioned strategies do not deliver the necessary insights demanded in today’s marketplace. The recommended system designs and tools offered are based on in-depth research into current trends that will meet and / or exceed growth requirements of the future. We recommend the latest techniques, but remain neutral to service providers of equipment, thus developing “functional-bid-specifications” allowing several manufacturers to bid (as long as they meet the original conceptual requirements). This allows you to receive competitive bidding to save capital expenditure for acquiring equipment.

Strategic Readiness Assessment:
In recent studies as much as 75% of all CEO’s believe their business’s key strategic initiatives never reach their full implementation due to the fact of staff buy-in. Part of our assessment is to provide a unique and highly effective evaluation to ensure planned changes are implemented at all levels through interviewing staff involved. This determines the wants verses needs within functions and lays the foundation for staff acceptance of project change.

Strategic Road-mapping:
Change is expensive, but mapping the process from beginning to end brings rewards of a successful implementation. Any obsolete concepts or items that do not offer enough return will be realized early on by this mapping process. Navigating the fast-paced changes in the industrial, commercial, and health care markets without a road map will not produce the correct revenue and profit. Sustainability is only possible if planned correctly.

Bringing High Level Expertise:
RemTecH Associates LLC looks at the big picture, not just one area of your facility. We research and offer several alternatives based on space, function, and growth, offering pros and cons of each suggestion for the best “return-on-investment” (ROI) of your facility and best growth potential to meet future expansions. Based on 37 years of previous experience, Hensman has designed or executed work in more than 750 health care, warehouse, and government facilities. The best-of-the-best is brought to the table to ensure a truly state-of-the-art design application. We provide high-level experience that offers both quantitative and qualitative results.

Controlling Your Risks:
The majority of consulting firms provide services on an hourly fee basis. This billing method is extremely risky to a client because the price for services is not guaranteed. At the onset of our project, we clearly define a project horizon that spells out in great detail what you can expect in terms of services delivered each month. You will know exactly what you're going to get, when you're going to get it, and how much it will cost. If you should elect to add additional services, thus modifying our original scope of work, an addendum will be offered reflecting an addition to our contract. We want to control “scope-creep” through misunderstandings; therefore, each contract is reviewed personally to discuss terms.

Make no mistake, organizational transformation is not easy.  
Some hard questions must be addressed to produce true solutions.  

We ask the right questions and offer the right solutions. 
Allow us to transform your way of thinking!


Thursday, July 4, 2013


John W. Hensman, Jr., a hands-on executive, having extensive experience in assisting facilities with operational improvements in multiple environments. Hensman offers tomorrow’s technologies today in design solutions. His core approach is to first develop baseline analysis of existing conditions, which serves as a benchmark for monitoring forward progress. Hensman then develops alternate solutions that give you the potential to reduce your annual expenditures, serve your clients efficiently, and add to the future growth of your facility. 

With over 37 years experience, he partners with your staff to devise improvements through better system design development, execution, and implementation. His action-oriented management style is at the forefront of every solution as a partner. His dedication “to get the job done right the first time” reflects an attitude of integrity and character which produces a win-win relationship in every situation.

  • Consulting
    • Health Care Materials Equipment Development
    • Materials Management - Materials Handling
    • Engineering and Sales Leadership
    • Senior Projects Consultant
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Senior Projects Engineer
    • Territorial Sales / Market Branding
  • Non-profit Management
    • International Logistics
    • Importer-Exporter
    •  Freight Forwarding
    • General and Biological Hazardous Waste
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, Penna. (BSCE)
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas (MABS)
  • Dale Carnegie Institute / Zig Ziglar Corporation / AMA Training Certifications
  • Hazardous Management Certification
  • Strategic Master Planning Development
  • Cause-Effect Solutions Management - Space Programming / Departmental Cohesion
  • Operational Management in Project Development
  • Organizational Development through a team-driven atmosphere
  • Inventory Management (ABC Pareto Analysis)
  • Short- and long-term Solution Development for Sustainability Growth
  •  Analysis for Best Practice Implementations


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Overview of RemTecH Associates

RemTecH Associates LLC is a facility planning consulting firm which offers strategic design and implementation methodologies for continuous sustainable growth within the materials management and materials handling arenas. 

With the recent worldwide economic downturn, many of the supply issues have moved from the basement to the executive suite based on the critical need to decrease expenditures. Challenges facing facilities management today have grown exponentially due to the critical need to cut costs. As within every challenge there is great opportunity for change, and through change one can become a trend setter when methodologies are accepted. Thinking outside the box is critical for moving forward. Thinking outside the box best reflects RemTecH Associates LLC.

With significant expenditures in manpower for managing materials and poorly conceived equipment design, it has become the norm for many facilities to experience operational disruption. Best Practice Procedures not considered early on in the design phase typically leave facilities at the mercy of limited workspace, inadequate equipment access, and many misdirected SOPs. Up to forty percent of your annual budget today is lost through poor design and inefficient processes.    

Primary focused approach includes:

o        Work with Architectural, Management Group, and Investor Planning Assistance Groups
o        Process benchmarks for change comparisons
o        Develop data through an analysis for functional requirements
o        Complete critical material and resource analysis to ensure future demands met today
o        Layout equipment design based on cost justifications reflecting the best ROI
o        Process design in material flow in inventory and space justifications, that will enhance department interaction for adjacent functions
o        Ensure space availability through dock and traffic logistic management  
o        Plan facility review reflecting best-practices procedures
o        Support services for general and biological waste management requirements
o        Offer solutions for material movement within receiving, storage, and distribution
o        Develop an ABC Analysis in inventory velocities to justify space and location for short- and long-term bottom line for reduction of capital expenditures
o        Prepare Functional Bid Specifications, equipment design recommendations, vendor bid review, implementation services monitoring, and contract close-out review

To receive creative and customized methodologies that address specific needs, contact us and allow us to become your dedicated design partner who gets it right the first time.  


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RemTecH Associates LLC Purpose

What is the primary purpose of 
RemTecH Associates LLC BlogSpot? 

To offer additional unique insights into the arena of Materials Management, Materials Handling, and Supply Chain Management design for the Healthcare, Commercial, and Industrial markets. 

Information offered can be printed for personal use, but not distributed without permission of RemTecH Associates LLC. Hope this information assists your efforts.