Friday, July 5, 2013


Innovation and Management Strategies Designed just for You

Everyone knows that market technologies are changing at lightning speed, which means old-fashioned strategies do not deliver the necessary insights demanded in today’s marketplace. The recommended system designs and tools offered are based on in-depth research into current trends that will meet and / or exceed growth requirements of the future. We recommend the latest techniques, but remain neutral to service providers of equipment, thus developing “functional-bid-specifications” allowing several manufacturers to bid (as long as they meet the original conceptual requirements). This allows you to receive competitive bidding to save capital expenditure for acquiring equipment.

Strategic Readiness Assessment:
In recent studies as much as 75% of all CEO’s believe their business’s key strategic initiatives never reach their full implementation due to the fact of staff buy-in. Part of our assessment is to provide a unique and highly effective evaluation to ensure planned changes are implemented at all levels through interviewing staff involved. This determines the wants verses needs within functions and lays the foundation for staff acceptance of project change.

Strategic Road-mapping:
Change is expensive, but mapping the process from beginning to end brings rewards of a successful implementation. Any obsolete concepts or items that do not offer enough return will be realized early on by this mapping process. Navigating the fast-paced changes in the industrial, commercial, and health care markets without a road map will not produce the correct revenue and profit. Sustainability is only possible if planned correctly.

Bringing High Level Expertise:
RemTecH Associates LLC looks at the big picture, not just one area of your facility. We research and offer several alternatives based on space, function, and growth, offering pros and cons of each suggestion for the best “return-on-investment” (ROI) of your facility and best growth potential to meet future expansions. Based on 37 years of previous experience, Hensman has designed or executed work in more than 750 health care, warehouse, and government facilities. The best-of-the-best is brought to the table to ensure a truly state-of-the-art design application. We provide high-level experience that offers both quantitative and qualitative results.

Controlling Your Risks:
The majority of consulting firms provide services on an hourly fee basis. This billing method is extremely risky to a client because the price for services is not guaranteed. At the onset of our project, we clearly define a project horizon that spells out in great detail what you can expect in terms of services delivered each month. You will know exactly what you're going to get, when you're going to get it, and how much it will cost. If you should elect to add additional services, thus modifying our original scope of work, an addendum will be offered reflecting an addition to our contract. We want to control “scope-creep” through misunderstandings; therefore, each contract is reviewed personally to discuss terms.

Make no mistake, organizational transformation is not easy.  
Some hard questions must be addressed to produce true solutions.  

We ask the right questions and offer the right solutions. 
Allow us to transform your way of thinking!