Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Overview of RemTecH Associates

RemTecH Associates LLC is a facility planning consulting firm which offers strategic design and implementation methodologies for continuous sustainable growth within the materials management and materials handling arenas. 

With the recent worldwide economic downturn, many of the supply issues have moved from the basement to the executive suite based on the critical need to decrease expenditures. Challenges facing facilities management today have grown exponentially due to the critical need to cut costs. As within every challenge there is great opportunity for change, and through change one can become a trend setter when methodologies are accepted. Thinking outside the box is critical for moving forward. Thinking outside the box best reflects RemTecH Associates LLC.

With significant expenditures in manpower for managing materials and poorly conceived equipment design, it has become the norm for many facilities to experience operational disruption. Best Practice Procedures not considered early on in the design phase typically leave facilities at the mercy of limited workspace, inadequate equipment access, and many misdirected SOPs. Up to forty percent of your annual budget today is lost through poor design and inefficient processes.    

Primary focused approach includes:

o        Work with Architectural, Management Group, and Investor Planning Assistance Groups
o        Process benchmarks for change comparisons
o        Develop data through an analysis for functional requirements
o        Complete critical material and resource analysis to ensure future demands met today
o        Layout equipment design based on cost justifications reflecting the best ROI
o        Process design in material flow in inventory and space justifications, that will enhance department interaction for adjacent functions
o        Ensure space availability through dock and traffic logistic management  
o        Plan facility review reflecting best-practices procedures
o        Support services for general and biological waste management requirements
o        Offer solutions for material movement within receiving, storage, and distribution
o        Develop an ABC Analysis in inventory velocities to justify space and location for short- and long-term bottom line for reduction of capital expenditures
o        Prepare Functional Bid Specifications, equipment design recommendations, vendor bid review, implementation services monitoring, and contract close-out review

To receive creative and customized methodologies that address specific needs, contact us and allow us to become your dedicated design partner who gets it right the first time.