Thursday, July 4, 2013


John W. Hensman, Jr., a hands-on executive, having extensive experience in assisting facilities with operational improvements in multiple environments. Hensman offers tomorrow’s technologies today in design solutions. His core approach is to first develop baseline analysis of existing conditions, which serves as a benchmark for monitoring forward progress. Hensman then develops alternate solutions that give you the potential to reduce your annual expenditures, serve your clients efficiently, and add to the future growth of your facility. 

With over 37 years experience, he partners with your staff to devise improvements through better system design development, execution, and implementation. His action-oriented management style is at the forefront of every solution as a partner. His dedication “to get the job done right the first time” reflects an attitude of integrity and character which produces a win-win relationship in every situation.

  • Consulting
    • Health Care Materials Equipment Development
    • Materials Management - Materials Handling
    • Engineering and Sales Leadership
    • Senior Projects Consultant
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Senior Projects Engineer
    • Territorial Sales / Market Branding
  • Non-profit Management
    • International Logistics
    • Importer-Exporter
    •  Freight Forwarding
    • General and Biological Hazardous Waste
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, Penna. (BSCE)
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas (MABS)
  • Dale Carnegie Institute / Zig Ziglar Corporation / AMA Training Certifications
  • Hazardous Management Certification
  • Strategic Master Planning Development
  • Cause-Effect Solutions Management - Space Programming / Departmental Cohesion
  • Operational Management in Project Development
  • Organizational Development through a team-driven atmosphere
  • Inventory Management (ABC Pareto Analysis)
  • Short- and long-term Solution Development for Sustainability Growth
  •  Analysis for Best Practice Implementations