Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Change can be confusing - IT IS TIME TO "THINK-OUTSIDE-THE-BOX"


Today, every Owner, CEO, or Business Management Group must review how much it will cost to make necessary, but critical adjustments to their facility prior to executing their work efforts. It is common practice to put everything on a spreadsheet under the heading ROI; but are they truly looking at the ramifications for going forward to justify their expenditure to be larger or truly modifying their facility to meet tomorrow’s demands. The ultimate reason behind an addition should be “better-services-offered,” and not just be the “bigger-kid-on-the-block.” 

It is hard to establish “fixed-value-costs” when the marketplace is constantly changing. What is needed today may not meet tomorrow’s demands in services. Changes can also be reflective of forced-issues: compulsory design restrictions generated by some governmental politician who believes they know better (the new-green-deals); OSHA forcing new methods that limit design capabilities and functions, of which most architects must adhere to within bids; or so-called best practices / carbon footprint reductions / lean environmental conditions that are costly. What is not considered, until it is too late – the affects additional space has on existing operations, staffing levels, equipment usages, and functionality in cost to maintain, inventory movement, and proper storage requirements. With sky-rocking costs “per-square-foot,” each square-foot must be able to support-itself and the amount-of-investment; not to mention whether it will meet tomorrow’s demands? Frustration soon sets in, and this struggle is ongoing during every phase of the project. Lack of options offered at the beginning will certainly require additional modifications later. It’s important to nail every possibility earlier to stay on track and reduce budget over-runs, and future failures to determine exactly what is needed.

RemTecH Associates LLC is not just a consultant that looks at your current conditions and then offers a cookie-cutter-solution that has been used before for another client. One size doesn’t fit all, and we don’t just change past facility names in hopes that solutions will fit your unique conditions; therefore, we look at your unique needs and only recommend / suggest solutions that will function properly to meet the demand for tomorrow.

TO START YOUR JOURNEY - we are offering you a “free-facility-assessment” [Facility Assessment | Remtech Associates]. Call us to discuss it and how we can fold information received through this free offer to develop your unique path forward towards better services tomorrow and answer the primary question – what does true sustainability look like?