Sunday, July 5, 2020


4th of July 2020
The cost of freedom is more than just a word; it can never be fully paid nor can it ever be forgotten. History is our legacy, good and bad; tearing down or removing any part of our past will not change who we are as a Nation. We are made up of many nations; melted together as one body that has been made in  the God's Image. Sin has separated us from Him and each other. Freedom is a gift - One Nation Under God - unfortunately even that fact has come under fire.  

"The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission."
John F. Kennedy

We must always remember the sacrifice; to share it with each generation to preserve our heritage, as a Nation. There are those who would want us to forget the past. By doing so, we dishonor those who have come before and given so much to obtain the rights we have to be free. NEVER FORGET THE COST.  

John W. Hensman, Jr.

With the pace of change facing today's health systems, particularly for those who serve patients, most are overwhelmed. Challenges between new value-based reimbursement models, not to mention the constant pressure to improve effectiveness brings new hurdles in performance. No wonder that those serving soon show signs of burn-out. 

The art of doing healthcare smarter has given way to numerous mundane tasks to ensure accuracy of records and proper billing. Care for the patient has taken second place. With the impact of an unsettled political landscape, increased regulatory scrutiny, the rise of other consumerist care models shrinking margins, ever-diminishing inpatient admissions, competitive marketplaces, and the limit of wisdom for thinking outside the box; no wonder costs continue in rise. 

We can and will make a difference in how you conduct business. Call us to discuss some possibilities today.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Personal Message from - RemTecH Associates LLC

From My Desk to Your

The information offered on our website was developed to assist you, your facility, and your processes - so you can better serve your clients (patients / suppliers). We do not offer it to promote our expertise, but simply summarizes how we can address your daily needs - as a partner.

Today, there are many things not working the way you feel they should. You may be asking [personally and as a facility] - how do we determine what is the correct path forward, whether information received from different vendors only reflect propaganda by the organization just to advance their sales agenda, or how can we - as a facility - best change our policies and procedures to meet tomorrow’s demands? All of us ask these questions, but we must believe there is will be brighter days ahead; when there will be some company that can help dig through all the SoundBits to the truth and guarantee the best results in such a complex environment? That is what we do!

All of us are currently living through the COVID-19 Pandemic and just trying to survive its affects. But if anything, it has forced us to reassess our operations to determine what is truly important and change our methods of operations before it is too late. 

Unfortunately, too many of us place our job ahead of other important things in life - yet others only desire to increase company status over their closest competitor. When things fall apart, (internally and externally), those who look to the future tend to change their perspective as to how to change their existing business approach. Certainly today our Healthcare System is in disarray, not to mention other industrial operational facilities all around the world. This Pandemic has exponentially amplified many existing problems that no one wanted to talk about before - now is the time for change! 

I believe our Nation requires us all to reevaluate our methods in design-development, daily functional, operations, and processes.  The direction taken, however, must reflect future demands and not current conditions. Supply Chain Management (GPOs) as to methods of purchasing materials and inventory control must be considered top priority to move forward; especially when considering the impact of COVID-19 has had on our supply availabilities.

As I stated above – our website is not about us (it never was). It was designed to help you to sift through to alternative methodologies that reflect truth. Certainly the best way anyone can meet tomorrow’s challenges is through personal prayer; prayer for our Nation, for the many facilities that serve it, and individuals that ensure things get done right the first time. 

Although we may not have had the fortune to serve you as your partner in the past, know that we continue to pray for you and your facility; even more so at this time. This COVID-19 situation will past, but to ensure true change happens and things like this don't happen again to our Supply Chain, we want to offer you a means of completing your critical changes. “Business-as-usualcannot be the norm. 

Our approach will always reflect a unique solutions that was designed specifically for you and not one that was developed for a past client - like so many other consultants. We also want you to know that efforts to resolve your problems will always reflect a win-win for you, which is over and above our market share or even our ability to grow our company. It has never been about our personal growth as much as to see you be successful. That is our promise.

We continue to pray for our Nation and your success to meet its needs. Be safe and stay healthy!

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.
(Numbers 6:24-26)


Thursday, November 14, 2019


Without change, we continue to do the same things over and over. Allow us to partner with you to make sure your future truly reflects your Vision. It is never to late to start and the first step will always be the hardest.

RemTecH Associates LLC


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Uncharted Territorial Leadership

Many wait on others to lead the way, hoping they will develop pathways that are without risk. This is not leadership – it is merely running-with-the-pack. True change is only possible when you can accurately identify your core values (cultural DNA) and then develop pathways that will actually sustain your unique future (short and long-term). To do so, you need to be a leader, not follow! You need to seek new pathways that are original and uncharted: taking the necessary risk, knowing and understanding that you may fail, but realizing that without risk, change is impossible

Health Care today requires risk takers, but challenges faced today (risk) cannot be solved without a well-developed-partnership that can apply supplementary knowledge and skills to bridge-the-gap. It requires people willing to help you change, shift and grow your values, expectations, visions, attitudes, and behavioral norms (habits). Universal solutions will not offer you an authentic pathway. It requires transformational thinkers that can create pathways that go beyond territories that remain uncharted. Making hard and sustainable decisions will always remain difficult for some, but true explorers confront and embrace such conditions and still proceed off-road into the unknown. The world is weary of tried-and-true-solutions that simply don’t work. 

The definition of Institutional Isomorphism is: any organization that characteristically mimics the structure of another, thus accepting and executing the same concepts blindly without questioning the intelligibility offered within the suggested resolution. Star Trek puts it this way – “We are the Borg, you will be assimilated … resistance is futile.” To manage a facility you cannot be assimilated into the norm; if so you become the Borg. Best Practices and other suggested design solutions do not offer enough sustainable conditions that the future demands; thus you become a victim of the status quo, (i.e. we have always done it this way, so we will continue using the same pathway to manage our departmental functions). It is time to break out of the mode! True leadership begins when you travel down pathways that are uncharted and risky, but still remain open to seek out and obtain the necessary help to minimize those risks.

Don Quixote was a romantic dreamer; an aging gentleman who set out from his village of La Mancha, for the sole purpose of executing acts of chivalry. Riding throughout the countryside on his trusted steed named Rocinante, accompanied only with his faithful companion Sacho Panza, his lace and shield, his quest was to help others above his own self-interest. Dreamers come in countless shapes and forms; some even from the business world. Although labeled by many as crazy or simply an aging buffoon; such servant leaders turn blinds-eye to risk to empower others to change. Regrettably, those who bellow the loudest get heard, overpowering those having that still small voice of reasoning allowing change happen. We all need change makers; be a Don Quixo (as we are), who will make health care work to meet the demands yet on the horizon. Uncharted territory will always need those who are willing to step out. Call us so we may help you turn your visions into reality. Don’t become the status quo, thus sit on the sidelines.

Albert Einstein stated: “There are only two ways to live. One is as thought nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is.” When you do the common things is life, in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. Begin a change maker.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019



It would be an understatement to say that the health care industry will not continue to undergo a transformation over the next few years. 

Both economic and governmental interventions have not made it easy on many facilities to deliver optimal services with diminishing cash flow. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act only raised the stakes, thus shifting the focus from thinking about reform to demanding it.

If we lived in a perfect world, those controlling the outcome would spend their time designing a better means of care to patients, regardless of the cost and manpower; thus placing the patient first when considering design-service-development procedures. But we don't like in a perfect world. Health care organizations are being forced to find new ways to cut costs, improve efficiencies, but at the same time reallocate critical and expensive resources to achieve optimal patient care. Realigning priorities is a difficult task; choosing the right strategies is not easy. And having enough insight to make the correct decisions that will sustain and transform health care takes an analysis that may not be in-house. With more than 32 million new patients coming into the U.S. health care system based on forced governmental reform, health care organizations will need as much agility as they can get. What will it take to make that final leap in Health Care Patient Services?

Certainly doing business as usual will not make it happen; believing that if we continue to move in the direction set before, we will eventually get there. Albert Einstein suggests: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results."

You will need to take some very bold steps to break the mold from where we have been to where we need to go. A rethinking of the Health Care Business Model is required and to do that, it will mean that many mind-sets will need to be changed in the fields of: Architecture, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and most important Physician run facilities. Each group has their own specific interest; most being control, but over and above that power is income. If you have control you have the mean of convicting other groups that you know what you are talking about and deserve the funds requested to execute the work tasks at hand. True sustainability must go beyond guidelines now recommended by Lean and Green advocates when developing a Strategic Master Planning. Considerations to develop and accommodate departmental location, deliverables (process flow), and management of waste must be part of the overall design methodology if any facility is to survive. 

Since trends towards outpatient care and wellness venues are expected to continue, all the more reason to consider the need to fully develop an executable plan that takes into consideration: integration of material-traffic-flow in addition to facility aesthetics. Management cannot continue to do-what-we-have-always-done, for that will not change the outcome. If we leave true change to the lawyers and politicians to fix, the solution will look like it was made by lawyers and politicians and it is highly likely that we won't like it. 



Staying in Tough with Project Needs

  1. Recognizing and embracing the fact the change is a journey and not a destination. It will take time and investments to complete
  2. Adopting a comprehensive approach that provides organizational growth based on a common language that sets goals before acquiring additional tools to execute work
  3. Exhibit unequivocal leadership through consistency, that includes input from all relative parties to ensure the correct pathway
  4. Communicate regularly a clear message as it unfolds to empower team decisions. All information is critical
  5. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure measurable and proper execution
  6. Ensure ownership of tasks, recognizing phase completions by team players
  7. Do not avoid discussions that are needed to correct dysfunctional behaviors, be tough but fair
  8. Make sure all staff are heard and suggestions reviewed. No idea is too small as to its potental
  9. Never underestimate the success of change efforts and give honor to the ones who contributed
  10. Failure is not a option, but should be viewed as a learning process that leads to higher levels of accomplishments