Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Overview Consulting Services for Warehouse Functions

Warehouse Management (ERP / OMS)
  • 100% vendor independent
  • Conduct initial warehouse management system assessment
  • Develop and define detailed warehouse requirements
  • WMS vendor cost projections, functional comparisons, and reference checks
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project management over system implementations
Warehouse Assessment (Improving productivity / efficiency / product workflow)
  • Evaluate all major departments and warehouse functions
  • Actionable recommendations based on site visit observations and interviews
  • Warehouse efficiency recommendations to reduce costs
Warehouse Layout and Design (New / Expanding / Re-layout of Existing)
  • Master Planning and design-development includes materials handling equipment, and automation solutions / control system recommendations
  • Improving productivity and efficiency through greater support of performance policies
  • One stop planning for layout and build out of new and existing facilities 
Material Handling Equipment and Warehouse Automation (Right equipment for the right job)
  • Carton Conveyance
  • Pallet Conveyance
  • High Speed Unit and Carton Sortation
  • High Speed Diverts
  • AS/RS Systems
  • Mini Load Systems
  • Weigh in Motion Scales
  • RFID and Voice Applications
  • Pick and Put Systems
  • Case Sealers and Erectors
  • Racking and Mezzanines
Inventory Best Practices Assessment (Inventory Strategies that reflect Sustainability)
  • Review of the organizational structure to improve responsibilities
  • Streamline processes for: purchase orders / balancing inventory / storage
  • Reduction analysis for overstock issues
  • Inventory metrics through Parto ABC