Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It is Time for a Change

Countless organizations today, both great and small, characteristically believe they have internal staff that have the ability to possess the necessary and critical needs of the significant parts of a Strategic Master Plan (SMP). 

For some organizations that maybe true, but for others, unfortunately, the dependence on in-house personnel may not offer enough objectivity or impartiality that a Consulting Firm can offer. When considering the necessary time it takes to contribute effectively, some items will get overlooked; especially when it comes to the design-development needs associated with materials management, materials handling, and supply chain management. Inadequately designed inventory management procedures can cost a facilities 30-40%, of their annual revenue. Funds that could be used in other areas to ensure the needs of your patients are met.

RemTecH Associates LLC provides invaluable designing assistance that reflects a cost-effective approach for modifying both existing and new construction that is truly all-encompassing, thus allowing any project to move forward systematically and within budget. We can obtain critical and crucial information from many different sources, in a timely manner, to enhance your overall progress. Within our productive role we provide expert advice based on working knowledge of system requirements to increase ROI (best practices); facilitating consensus among stakeholders to organize and diffuse contradictory approaches that may disrupt sound strategic planning (team building); and keep committees on track and on schedule (budget monitoring) for in-house staff, selected architectural firms, vendors, and construction management. Our role is simply to facilitate a process (as part of your team), whereby allows staff to make their own decisions about the future of your facility.

Our approach is to not modify your organization’s mission, vision, or goals, but offer a down to business venue that generates enthusiasm allowing you the ability achieve sustainability by introducing key elements to enhance design criteria. We offer a value-engineering approach to give you some additional insight in future trends. We take great satisfaction in seeing you accomplish your originally desires for your facility.

Vision without Action is merely a dream...
Action without Vision just passes the time...
Vision with Action can change the world.

It is time to make a difference on how you do business; it is time to call...
RemTecH Associates LLC
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