Wednesday, February 8, 2023



Healthcare has certainly been pulled in all directions over the past few years. Those who believe they know what is best have forced many facilities to adopt pathways that are both unproven and not sustainable - all in the name of progress. 

We have all sat through hours-on-end watching Star Trek's Mr. Spock as he spoke logic, but no one today is thinking logical. Much of the reasoning behind pathways offered or even suggested today - don't follow any logical pattern. Within our younger societal demographics, more often they have been indoctrinated to think one-way; it is to fix existing problems for today and not look at how it will affect tomorrow. Logic suggests that we, as a Nation, must think further down the tracks - beyond the horizon - as to the cause and effect of decisions made today that will cause additional damage that will need to be resolved. Band-aiding will not produce long-term sustainability. Let me offer you just one example:

Many facilities look at adding a patient bed tower as an individual project and not how it will affect future expansions. Placement, if not reviewed fully, tends to disrupt functionality of existing services - causing additional funds to be expended to correct the problem. Projects must be reviewed at a Master Plan Level based on overall campus needs - not just project designs.

Architects and even well-known Consulting Firms are fearful of suggesting further studies to determine the total impact their designs offer - based on limited budgets within the facility to just get the expansion up and running now. To consider "cheaper-is-better" at the beginning of a project will only cost the facility more in the future to correct. Logic suggests (Mr. Spok) we all need to look at the "larger-picture" within every project to determine the "what-ifs" they can produce if designs are not fully explored. 

Since we represent a Consulting Firm (RemTecH Associates LLC) we have lost more projects suggesting the facility or even the Architect take a second look at the larger picture to determine if it has true sustainability capabilities. We would personally accept the loss of a project verses taking a short-cut just to be awarded. 

Allow us to show you "new paths to a brighter future."