Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What makes RemTecH Associates LLC Different?

  • A passion for the project – passion must include vision, enthusiasm, drive, determination, creativity, and innovative ideas. But passion must also grasp the big picture without becoming enmeshed in or preoccupied with unnecessary details that can hinder progress and prove unimportant to the success of the overall task assigned.
  • An ability to motivate others – placing the team ahead of personal goals or glory is an overriding principle to the success of RemTecH. Through basic leadership principles which have been instilled within our core values, we inspire to do what is right for the overall team assembled, quickly affirming their contribution and placing credit where credit is due.
  • A resilience and patience when encountering opposition – every project will have opposition – opposition to change, opposition for making the right decision in a timely fashion to secure future growth. Any decision must be offered with patience, thus controlling emotional outbursts that could damage forward progress of the project. Stern corrective actions are appropriate and healthy, but must be presented with a foundation that is based on a true analysis that supports a positive conclusion.
  • A practical and balanced grip on reality – although dreams, desires, and goals are needed to instill true growth, facts must be based on reality, offering a bottom-line cost and an appropriate ROI to allow decisions to be made. Good leadership must maintain a balance between being positive but still being aware of the negative items that might disrupt true sustainability.
  • A willingness to work hard – there is a difference between applying due-diligence and being a workaholic. Practical work hours, fairness in efforts to get the job done, and the duty to meet deadlines are key to client approval. We approach practical methods for controlling time to ensure each project completes on schedule. We do what is necessary to ensure progress with the willingness to go the extra mile to complete every assignment.  

RemTecH Associates LLC is not just another consulting organization.
We place our Client First – delivering solutions that are based on a team effort,
giving all the glory to Him who leads us to a final solution.